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Garage Door Services

We use our 14+ years of experience in servicing garage doors to help all of Austin Texas and surrounding areas with all of their garage door and opener needs. Not only can we help with your garage door repair needs we can also help you with replacement parts and sales.

Below you’ll find more information on each of the garage door services we offer which are: Residential, Commercial, Emergency Services, Garage Openers and preventative maintenance.

Under each of those main topics there are additional services we perform so be sure to check them out. Just click each tab to see the contents. Be sure you check to see if you’re in our garage door service area.

24 Hours Emergency Garage Door Repair Austin TX

Image showing our 24 hour 7 days a week emergency garage repair service.
Your home’s garage doors don’t care about time when they decide to fail on you and it always seems to be the worst timing possible when they do go.
This is why our company offers at no additional charge to our customers, 24 hour garage door repair to Austin residents as well as anyone within our service area (check out our service area map here).
You may go to get in your car to leave for work or some other place and find your garage door gets stuck at an angle trapping your car inside.
You may also find your garage door springs or cables are broken and in need of emergency repair service and we’ll be there for you. Even if your garage door itself needs emergency repair service we can help you.
Our garage door emergency repair service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all Austin Texas residents as well as all the other cities within our service area. Like we mentioned before there is no extra charge for a garage door emergency service call.
Click to Call for Emergency Service

Residential Garage Door Services we offer:

We perform a bunch of garage door services for homeowners in the Austin TX area and you can see them below. We stand behind all of our work and offer some of the best prices in the city.
Image showing beautiful 16 x 7 Residential Garage Door

16 x 7 Residential Garage Door

  • Installations – Residential Garage Doors and Garage Openers.
  • Sales – We have great garage door and opener selections not to mention prices on all of the major brands so you can just buy from us and save the hassle.
  • Maintenance – We can help you protect your investment by keeping your garage door and door opener maintained properly to avoid potentially costly repairs.
  • Repairs – We can fix any problem on any of the major brands of garage doors and garage door openers because we can get the parts needed. If you find yourself in a bind after hours don’t worry we offer 24 hr, 365 days garage door emergency repair services at no extra cost to people within our service area.
  • Customization – We can build you a custom garage door to fit your needs or taste. Get that one-of-a-kind look on your home’s garage.
Let us show you how we can help you fix, maintain or improve your home’s garage doors. Click here for more details on the ways we can help you with your residential garage door needs.

Commercial Garage Door Services we offer:

If you have overhead garage or bay doors on your commercial property that are in need of help then we are the right company for you!
Image showing PSR Garage Doors after installing a few commercial garage doors

PSR Garage Doors after installing three commercial garage doors

  • Installations – We can professionally install your new commercial garage doors and openers on your building for you so you know it is done right.
  • Sales – We can give you the best prices around for commercial grade doors and openers so there is no need to run all over town.
  • Maintenance – We can perform maintenance on your commercial door and openers to make sure your warehouse doors are always able to operate during business hours.
  • Repairs – We will help you with any issues with a door or opener that you may have and if it can’t be repaired it can be replaced.
  • Safety Inspections – We can do safety inspections of your commercial garage doors and your heavy duty commercial door openers as well. We are licensed professionals!
Click here for more details on how we can assist you with all of your commercial garage door needs. We work with all of the best major brands of commercial doors and openers in the business so we are sure to have what you need. Brands like CHI Overhead Doors and Mid America Doors just to name two.

Garage Door Opener services we offer:

Life without a working garage door opener can be annoying to say the least. Having to pull into your driveway, jump out, then unlock and lift your garage door manually, drive your vehicle into the garage and then close the doors and lock them again is a hassle.   No need to worry though because we can help you!
Image showing the Craftsman's AssureLink™ Garage Door Opener

Craftsman AssureLink™ Garage Door Opener

From choosing the right brand and model garage opener all the way to installing and maintaining it for you, we’ve got you covered.
  • Installation – We can install your garage door opener for you whether you buy it from us or not.
  • Sales – We have some of the best door opener prices in town on all of the top brands. Why buy some junky, discount model from the big box store when you can have the real deal that will last for a long time to come?
  •  Maintenance – Already have an opener you like? No problem, we can help you keep it running smoothly so it keep you happy for many years to come all hassle-free.
  • Repairs – It can get annoying real fast when your garage door opener is no longer working properly. We have the parts and the knowledge to fix any issues you may have with your opener to get things working again quickly.
  • Replacement – Have an old opener and want to upgrade to one of the new models? Want to enjoy all of the innovations that have occurred in the industry since your door opener was purchased? We can help you there as well no matter where you purchase the opener. We can remove your old unit and replace with a new garage door opener and get it setup and working perfectly in no time!
Click here for more details on how we can assist you with your garage opener. We offer a free estimate on all of our garage opener services so call us today to see what it will cost for you get one installed, repaired, replaced, maintained or purchased. We are here to help you!

Garage Door Preventative Maintenance services that we offer:

One of the best ways to avoid the more costly replacement and repairs that come from having a poorly maintained garage door or opener is by performing regular maintenance to catch the small problems before they can become big ones.
Image showing garage door repair tech adjusting slide track rail

Garage Door Repair Company tech adjusting slide track rail

  • Inspection – We can come out and inspect your garage doors, opener and all of the supporting hardware such as the rails, springs
  • Replacement We can get rid of worn or damaged parts that could cause issues for you down the line
  • Lubrication As with any moving parts friction is the enemy. Poorly lubricated doors, rails, rollers, tracks and springs can and will cause excessive wear and tear on your hardware causing things to fail much sooner than they should.
  • and so much more…
Click here for more details on how with some preventative maintenance services we can help to keep your garage doors and openers working at 100% efficiency!
Don’t wait until your door is stuck halfway down at an angle so you cannot even lift it manually before you think about your doors and openers. Remember garage doors are very heavy and without having properly working and adjusted springs and cables odds are good this can and will happen to you. And you can bet it will happen at the worst time possible for you.
Knock down the risks by having us come out and maintain your garage door and opener plus all of the supporting hardware at least once a year (although twice a year is highly recommended). A little preventative maintenance can go a long way!

Request a free estimate of garage door services If you want to find out the prices of garage doors or openers or what the costs for repairs or installation might be, just request a free, no obligation estimate from us.

We are happy to show you first, that we are the best Garage Door Company in Austin Texas by beating out competitors prices! Next take a look at all of the great reviews we have from around the web.

Many of our customer reviews are from Google+, Yelp, Angie’s List and the BBB! Not only that but we are pleased to say that they are all glowing, 5 star reviews. We truly strive to be the best and we like to believe that it shows through all of our happy customers and transparency.

If you head over and check out our completed garage door and opener repairs and installations before and after pictures you can see about what our customers are raving.


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 Posted on : August 24, 2014

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