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Steel Garage Doors – Mid America’s Residential XL Series


Image showing flyer cover for the Steel Garage Doors - Mid America XL Residential Series

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Mid America doors have come out with a great line of residential steel garage doors that look like wood so you can enjoy the look without the extra maintenance! That line is their XL Series of doors for their home garage.

Chart showing the available size choices for the XL series of steel doors by Mid AmericaAs you can see in the flyer, they blended that classic sectional garage door look with the raised panel wood grain design.

These doors are sure to look great on any home and are a great investment for anyone looking to do a home improvement project that will give you a good return on your investment. Upgrading your garage door can really make a big difference on the curb appeal value of your home since it is the biggest door.

This shows the standards included with XL series of steel doorsMid America is a trusted name in the garage door industry so you can expect excellence!

These hot dipped galvanized steel garage doors are 24 gauge for both the Celebrity and Regal garage door versions.

If you choose the Vantage insulated garage doors version they come with 2 inches thick of polystyrene insulation that is pressure bonded between the 2 sheets of steel that makeup the door.

This insulation helps keep out the weather increasing its’ energy efficiency plus it also acts as a noise dampener.

The retainer for the Regal and Celebrity versions is made from commercial-grade vinyl. The Vantage version has a heavy-duty aluminum retainer.

The doors have a thick vinyl weatherstripping that runs the whole bottom of the doors to help to keep out the elements plus it also helps to seal out outside noise.

The hot-dipped galvanized steel hardware like the tracks, brackets and hinges, help make this steel garage door rugged and able to withstand the elements.

The standard security lock for this door is a mechanical cylinder type of lock or the inside slide lock.

To show how much they stand behind their XL Series steel garage doors, they have a limited lifetime warranty against cracking, Chart showing the garage door window inserts selections for XL series steel garage doorssplitting and rusting all the way through the door.

Customization Choices – XL Series Steel Garage Doors

As for your color selections for this series of steel doors you can select from standard white or with the Regal and Vantage version you can also choose from Sandstone, Sahara and Almond.

With the Celebrity version you can choose from white, sandstone, brown, almond or it can be painted to match any color trim!

Now besides customizing your new garage doors color you can also choose to add a decorative element to really make your doors standout and up the value of your home’s curb appeal.

You do this by adding in a garage door window insert to your new steel doors. Best of all you have your choice of 12 beautiful styles so you are sure to find one to your liking.

Not only does these window inserts set your new garage doors apart from the neighbors they also serve a very useful and needed function.

They help to let in natural light making it much easier to be able to find what you are looking for or to get where you are going when you can see!

We have all walked into the dark garage with just that small light overhead trying to light the whole garage; maybe even your vehicle is throwing shadows making tons of dark areas even in daytime hours.

But with natural light coming in you can eliminate a lot of this issue and get back to enjoying a large room of your home that could be much more than just a place to house your cars.

If you are looking to improve your home’s value by replacing the biggest door on your home then you are making a great choice with Mid America!

If you are in the Austin Texas or surrounding areas call us today to get the current XL Residential Series of steel garage doors prices; let us surprise you by just how affordable this is to do! Call us today at 512-563-9078!

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 Posted on : March 28, 2015
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