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Vantage Series of Insulated Garage Doors from Mid America

Image showing the cover of the Mid America Vantage Series Insulated Garage Doors Flyer

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Image showing the Vantage Series LogoMid America has a beautiful line of insulated garage doors that are a great investment. Perfect or anyone looking for the biggest return on their home improvement budget as possible.

The difference to your home’s exterior is huge when you upgrade your garage door with some much nicer. It can improve the “curb appeal” of the home. Which is great for showing pride in your home whether or not you are planning to sell it.

Image showing the standards for the Vantage Series of Insualted garage doors from Mid americaThis is where Mid America Door’s incredible Vantage line of doors with insulating panels to help keep put the elements.

The insulated panels utilize Polystyrene Insulation which is a solid 2 inches thick. It is pressure bonded between the 2 steel sheets to make sure it covers all the cracks.

Not only does these doors come with a R-Factor insulation rating of 7.42 they help provide sound resistance as well thanks to this incredible design.

You get the best of both worlds with these beautiful garage doors: Superior Energy Efficiency and Sound blocking.

The Vantage Series of raised panel doors have a wood grain design appearance on the exterior with a white wood grain for the inside.

You have many options as far as colors if you want something other than the standard white garage door.

You can also get the Vantage doors in Brown, Almond, Sahara, Sandstone or have it painted to whatever color matches your trim or desired paint scheme.Image showing the Sizes Chart for the Vantage Series Garage Doors by Mid America

Another great standard feature with the Mid America Vantage Door Series is the thick vinyl weatherstripping. It sits in a heavy Aluminum retainer that runs along the bottom of the door to help with the insulating efficiency and sound proofing as well.

Image showing all of the Window Insert Options for Mid America Vantage Series Insulated Garage DoorsMid America stands behind these rugged doors with a limited lifetime warranty against defects like cracked, split or even rusty door panels.

Of course the exception here is if you live within 1000 meters of salt water because it causes rusting to happen much faster than it should.

In the chart to the left you can Mid America’s Garage Window Insert Options for their Vantage Series of Garage Doors with Insulation.

Garage windows serve a couple of functions: They let in natural sunlight and improves the value. That’s right, people don’t even think about how nice it is to be able to see when inside of your garage. Until of course, they turn on the light but still need more light to see even during the day.

Garage windows make a big difference in value as well because they help customize your home. It can make it really standout from the neighbors. Especially when you add in the beauty and customization of the window inserts.

You have 7 great designs from which to select: Waterton, Cascade, Stockton, Glazed, Sunset, Cathedral and Ruston. All which can be added to your new garage door’s windows to make it even more elegant and different from everyone else.

If you want to find out prices of these great Mid America insulated doors for your garage call us today in you’re in the Austin Texas or surrounding areas. We offer a free, no obligation estimate of these garage doors costs as well and repairs as well. 512-563-9078 call us today!

Don’t forget to stop by our coupons page to see if we have any discounts available for the Vantage Series of Garage Doors with insulated panels.

Image showing the Mid America Garage Doors Logo


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