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Mid America Garage Door - CW Series Custom Wood Garage Doors flyer - Cover page

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CW Series Mid America Wood Garage Doors

The CW Series of Custom Wood Garage Doors are 100% hand crafted and built for durability as well as exquisite beauty.

They are the perfect way to really make the front of your home stand out from all the homes around you with the beauty and elegance of wood.

With this series, you can either go with one of the popular designs or you’ll also have the ability to make a custom designed wood door.


Picture of 16x7 CW Series Wood Garage Door by Mid America


Mid America uses some of the finest materials around to make sure the finished product is top notch.

You’ll see a bunch of examples so you can get a good feel for just some of the designs and then at the bottom of the page you’ll see the list of options.

Once you decide on which wood garage door you want you can call us for a free no obligation estimate.

Picture of home with 3 car garage all with CW Series wood garage doors installed

The wood is placed on the door frames using a tongue and groove design allowing for tons of varying design options for these doors.

This gives you the opportunity to really make your home stand out by creating your own one of a kind wooden garage door design.

Picture of 2 wooden 2 car garage door

Picture showing two more design/color options for the cw series wood doors

Picture showing 2 16x7 dark colored cw series wooden doors

Picture showing 2 arched garage doors from the CW series of wood doorsPicture of light colored wood garage doors


As you see by the example pictures you have many options from single door to multiple side by side configurations including those with awnings and overhangs. No matter what your home needs, Mid America has a wood door for your garage.

Pic of 5 car Custom Wood Garage Doors

pic of light color 2 car garage with wood doorspicture of single car garage door - cw wood series

picture of 2 car garage with wood doorspicture of mid america wood doors - dark colored


picture showing the fame layout for the cw wood doors

These Mid America Wood Garage Doors are designed to be tough and extremely durable so they can stand up to the elements which is clear by pictures of the frame sections which utilizes cross-bracing for added strength.

All of the CW series of custom crafted doors have all the hardware such as the hinges, fixtures and struts attached using the best quality materials and design.

Instead of lag bolts which eventually work loose causing issues down the line, these high quality wood garage doors utilize carriage bolts and are bolted through the frame.

picture showing internal frame design for cw series doorspic showing the struts used for the mid america wood doors

Below is a list of all the pre-designed options if you like one of the standard models but with the CW series you also get the option to be creative. If you don’t see exactly what you want below, maybe a culmination of more than model will fit your wishes better. The choice is yours!

Mid america CW Series Wood Garage Door Design Options

Mid America Garage Door - CW Series Custom Wood Garage Door Flyer Logo

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