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Commercial Garage Doors by Mid America

Picture showing the Mid America Commercial Garage Doors Series S-24 & SN-24 Flyer Cover

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Image showing the MID AMERICA LOGO S-24 SERIES

Mid America is one of the biggest names in the business for both residential and commercial garage doors. They have a great line of overhead doors that are a smart choice for industrial and commercial property owners or managers with either bay or garage doors on their buildings.

Image showing Mid America S-24 and SN-24 Series Commerical Garage Door Headroom SelectionsThe S-24 and SN-24 series of commercial overhead doors are made to be both functional and beautiful.

They come in two different gauges of steel: 24 and 25.

The SN-24 door sections are 25 gauge and the S-24 is 24 gauge and both models are 2 inches thick.

The tongue and groove design helps to ensure a tight weatherproof fit between the sections.

The track system used by these doors are made from durable galvanized steel.

This is to make sure they can stand up to the riggers of a large and heavy steel garage door being raised and lowered often throughout the day.

The paint on these doors is a baked on polyester coating to help be sure the doors stay looking nice and protected.

Image showing Mid America commercial roll up garage doors optional insulationThe bottom of the doors have a rubber weatherstrip to help seal out the elements.

You can also add additional weatherstripping for the header and door jambs to keep air from penetrating.

If you have a temperature controlled warehouse or building these overhead doors come with an energy saving insulation option. This goes for both models of the commercial door.

This is also a smart choice if your building is in our state of Texas. With our blaring hot summer days, a well insulated door can help to keep some of that heat out.

Besides insulation you also have the option of adding windowed sections to your garage doors to allow in natural light and afford people a way to look out the windows when needed.

TImage showing the Mid America Commercial Roll Up Door standardshe doors come built-in with a standard slide lock but can be upgraded.

You can add the optional cylinder lock if additional security is needed.

These doors can fit various sized building openings all the way up to 16 feet high and 24.2 feet wide!

This size will determine how many panels and sections your overhead garage doors will have.

To find out what your costs would be to get either the s-24 or SN-24 Series of Commercial Garage Doors and have them professionally installed just call us for prices. We service the entire Central Texas area! 512-563-9078

Image showing the Mid America S-24 & SN-24 Series of Commerical Garage Doors Logo

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