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Wood Accents Garage Doors – CHI Overhead Doors


CHI Overhead Garage Doors - Wood Accents Series

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For wood garage door lovers CHI Overhead doors has two great series of doors; for you to select the right door for your home or business.

CHI Overhead Doors Accents – Woodtones

4If you are looking for the beauty of a wood garage door but prefer not to deal with all of the work required to protect them and keep that look for year after year then you may want to go with CHI Overhead door’s Accents series.

Their Accents Woodtones models have all the beauty of wood with the strength and ease of care of steel!

In the picture to the left you can see how beautiful these doors really are. What is shown in the picture is the Mahogany Woodtones doors.

With 4 incredible wood colors to select from you are sure to find the right one for you to make your home have that look you always have wanted.

You can select Cedar if you want more of a rustic yet still elegant look for your garage door. I think you’ll find it can really improve the look of your home.5

As I already mentioned you can also select Mahogany for that deep, rich beauty that these doors can provide your home helping it really stand out over the neighbors.

If you prefer a lighter color wood grain you can never go wrong with the Light Oak. The lighter color of the oak wood grain is another way to make your home really stand out.

Prefer that deep dark wood color? Well CHI Overhead Doors has you covered there as well with their beautiful deep dark oak wood grain.

As you can see when it comes to getting that incredible wood grain look and the strength and durability of steel then one of the CHI’s Accents Woodtones series of garage doors should do the trick for you!

Accents – Planks Series

2If you don’t just want the look of wood grain on a steel garage door CHI Overhead has a solution for you as well.

Instead of a one piece wood door which is very heavy and hard to to maintain properly over the years you have another option.

You can avoid the extremely heavy one piece wood garage doors because you have the option of CHI’s micro-grooved Planks series.

With beautiful lines and the choice of some great wood looks you are sure to find the one that really makes your home or business stand out.

Best of all you get the same wood color selections with the Planks series as you do with the Woodtones series. If you want the deep, dark, rich beauty of the Mahogany wood you can have it with this great series of wood garage doors.

For the lighter wood color you have the option of the beautiful Light Oak doors. If you want the rustic look, just like the Woodtones you can go with the Cedar Planks doors.

3And finally. for the that deep, dark beauty you can always go with the Dark Oak grained wood doors. So no matter your taste or the look of your home one of the beautiful Planks series of wood garage doors should be just what you needed.

If you are in the Austin Texas or surrounding areas, please call us today for a free estimate of what it would cost to buy and get installed one of these two series of CHI Overhead doors. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised just how affordable they are.

Upgrading you garage doors to 1 of these series of doors is a great way to improve the look of your home. They also help to increase the curb appeal therefore making them a great investment for your home.

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 Posted on : September 5, 2016
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