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CHI Overhead Model 3285 Commercial Garage Door


Cover for CHI Overhead Commercial Series Garage Doors Model 3285

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What is a Sandwich Style Commercial Garage Door?

CHI Series 3285 Commercial Garage DoorA sandwich style door, whether it be a residential or commercial garage door, is one that is made in layers and may or may not be insulated. In the case of the 3285 Series of doors from CHI Overhead, they are made with polystyrene offering an R-value rating of 10.29.

The outer shell of the door is two sided steel. The front is 26 gauge steel and the back is 27 gauge to make it even more sturdy. The front and back shells are connected using a tongue and groove setup to make sure these panels are going to last you and be trouble-free for quite some time!

Being insulated these commercial garage doors are going to help with your building’s energy efficiency as well as sound reduction as both of these are a benefit of having your garage door insulated.

 CHI Overhead Door Series 3285 Commercial Sandwich Garage Door Options:

CHI Overhead Series 3285 Sandwich Commercial Garage Doors specificationsYou can decide to opt for adding windows to your sandwich doors. They come in four main styles as you can see above. These garage door windows are a great way to allow in natural light and the differing styles allow you to get the ones that fit your needs the best be it the small slit type of windows or the regular rectangle shaped garage door windows.

Besides the option to add windows to your garage doors you can also choose the color of the steel. You get to select from White, Almond, Sandstone and Brown.

The steel for the doors are hot dipped galvanized and they also add a primer to help prevent rust before they finish coat it so that it not only looks amazing but it also rust resistant. These doors are made to last!

As far as looks go, this micro-grooved sandwich door design looks as amazing as it is functional. The double sided steel in addition to the polystyrene insulation helps to make this door sturdy enough to handle the day to day use that is needed by commercial property owners.

CHI Overhead Doors LogoIf you are in the Austin or surrounding cities, call us today for a free estimate of how much it would cost to upgrade or install these incredible commercial garage doors from CHI Overhead Doors on your building.

Start enjoying the insulated garage door benefits now and see if you can’t start to lower your energy bills today. Just call us 512-563-9078 for a no obligation estimate.

Not only can we sell you these great doors we can easily install them for you as well so that you have one stop shopping when it comes to your commercial door needs.

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 Posted on : May 9, 2016
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