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Aluminum Commercial Doors by CHI Overhead


Click to download the flyer

Click to download the flyer


specsIf you are looking to get new doors for your commercial building, CHI Overhead has a series of Aluminum doors that are the perfect addition to any building.

They are classified as full-view doors meaning you can make most of the panels in each section of the door transparent panes to allow in  ton of natural light and give that great full-view look that everyone loves.

The sections of the door are made from top quality materials and by one of the best garage door companies in the world, CHI Overhead doors.

Each of the sections are 2 inches thick so they will hold up to the day to day usage most commercial properties put these doors through on a daily basis.

Garage Door Color Options

There are two options when it comes to colors for these doors. They are white and the anodized silver look; both of which look great!

There is also the option of going more customized and getting some of the sections powder coated into one of a bunch of color choices.

Door Window Optionsoptions

This is a chance for you to really make these beautiful doors fit and accent your commercial building’s outward decor.

Besides the ability to select solid panes wherever you don’t want them transparent, you can also select various styles of transparent or semi-transparent panes.

You can select either Frosted, Tinted or DSB, poly-carbonate or tempered style allowing you to customize the form and function even more!

Insulated Panels

This is another great option you can exercise for your new Model 3295 Commercial Garage Doors, it is insulated panels! On the aluminum panels you can select to get them insulated, which means they come with 3/8″ insulation.

chi-logoThis will help with your building’s energy efficiency by helping to keep out the elements or in the heat or air conditioning you are providing inside of the building.

Call us if you are in the Austin Texas or surrounding areas so we can give you a free estimate of what it would cost to get these incredible doors installed on your commercial property. Let us show you how affordable this can be for you!

Call us at 512-563-9078.

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 Posted on : February 2, 2016
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