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If you are a do it yourself kind of person there are some things you can do and should know about maintaining your garage doors and door openers. This information will help you to keep your service calls down and your doors and openers working for a longer time.

We are going to pick up where we left off in part one of this series which you can find here Garage Doors and Openers – Maintenance Tips Part 1, in case you haven’t seen it yet.

damaged two car garage doorHow to Maintain your Wood Garage Doors

Wooden garage doors take a bit more work than any of the metal types because like with all wood it needs upkeep to keep from rotting. The other thing about the wood doors is that they are so much heavier than their metal counterparts and their parts are also much more expensive because they have to be even more heavy duty to handle all the weight.

One of the best ways to keep a wooden garage door healthy is by using a sealer and keeping it painted. This holds especially true in areas that has tough weather in either or both summer and winter. To find out what the best options are for your door you should consult your local paint professional.

How to troubleshoot your Garage Door opener problems

If you hit the button on your remote and the door doesn’t respond the first and most obvious thing you need to check is the battery in your remote. They give subtle signs when the batteries are getting low such as needing you to be closer and closer before it responds when you hit the button and it is a quick easy thing to test.

After that you can do some other quick and easy tests. To see if maybe there is an issue with the socket your door opener is plugged into you can try plugging something else in to see if it works. If not the first thing to do would be check the breaker for the garage to see if it was tripped.

garage door sensorChecking your Garage Door Opener Sensors

Another thing that commonly fails is your door sensors which are there to ensure the doors don’t come down on anyone or anything that is in the way because once the beam is “broken” the door will reverse direction.

Most of the time if the sensor is having issues it will blink although this can vary from model to model. If you have the manual for your garage door opener it should have the blink code listed in there giving you a rough idea of whether it is the wiring, sensor itself, alignment or maybe even a power issue.

The easiest thing to do with all of this of course is to contact us for help!

Quick and Easy Preventative Maintenance Tips

One of the best ways to keep your garage door and opener working properly is to keep things lubed up properly. Any of the brand name spray lubricants should do the trick.

You’ll need to spray all of the rollers, the garage door springs, the tracks and all of the hinges as well. Before you spray your garage door opener chain be sure to consult your owners’ manual.

By doing this preventative maintenance  you can cut a lot of the costly repairs down and really prolong the life of your garage door. Although none of this supersedes having a professional come out and just do a quick bit of maintenance one to two times a year but in between this can also help.

If you decide you just don’t feel like messing with your garage door or opener yourself we are always here to help you. We offer a free, no obligation so do not hesitate to call us to give you a quote before we do any work!




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 Posted on : October 18, 2014
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