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We will cover some tips on keeping your Garage Doors and opener working properly for a long time to come. Being the heaviest door in your home you need to be sure you keep it maintained so you can try to avoid more costly repairs and safety issues later on down the road.

We will go over the answers to some of the most often asked questions by our customers. If you have further questions not answered here be sure you contact us for assistance.

How often should you have your garage door and opener checked?

torsion springWell much of this depends on where you live, or more specifically the weather where you live. In other words if you live in an area that is very windy, or subject to severe temperature either cold or hot you need to get you garage doors and the opener checked every 6 months.

For people in more median weather areas you can go up to a year but really shouldn’t go past that without having the door and your opener serviced.

Remember that the amount the door is used will also affect the time frame. If your garage door is the most used door in your home you will need to adjust the schedule as well within that 6-12 month range.

What type of damage happens to the garage doors if they aren’t maintained?

The most common issues we see that are directly related to not keeping up with a good maintenance schedule is usually a failure in the garage door springs and also the garage door rollers.

The garage door springs are responsible for making the garage door feel much lighter than it really is allowing the garage door opener or you manually, to open the door with relative ease.

Without properly adjusted and maintained springs it can cause damage to the door itself, cause issues and damage to your garage door opener and even possible physical harm because the springs are full of stored energy waiting to be released.

Not to mention that modern garage door opener safety features rely on the opener being able to reverse direction with all of that weight when something is in the way so the springs are really needed.

You would probably be surprised to learn this but the average metal garage door weighs in around 100-300 pounds and a wood garage door weighs in somewhere around the 250-350 pounds range. So as you can see even on the low range that is a lot of weight to move up and down over and over again.

The garage door rollers are what keep the door sliding easily within the tracks. When they are not properly taken care of, the rollers can start to encounter friction making your door harder to open either manually or for your opener.

This can also cause the door to raise or lower askew and come off the track altogether making it impossible to lower or raise the door without getting the door put back on track first and then getting the rollers fixed or replaced if bent or broken. This is if the door itself and the tracks aren’t damaged when this happens.

As you can see it is much simpler, safer and cost efficient to just keep your garage doors and openers maintained so the little fixes don’t turn into major expenditures. We offer free estimates before we do any work so you know what it will cost up front so call us!

Be sure to stop back and look for part two in this series where we will cover some tips and tricks you can do yourself to help keep your garage door and opener operating.

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 Posted on : October 5, 2014
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