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We recently had an emergency garage door spring repair call from one of our customer’s in Austin Texas. They torsion spring had broken which in turn trapped our customer’s car in the garage.

A 16′ x 7′ Steel garage door has some weight to it and with the springs broken it is heavy, real heavy. And even if you can press the couple hundred pounds of weight to lift the door you would then need to hold it until you could try and get your car out.

All of this while in danger of dropping it on a foot or your car. Remember gravity wants this door to drop!

So they did the best thing and called in the professionals for help! We got out there and got rid of that old broken torsion spring.  We then installed a new one which we adjusted to the proper tension for that size and weight garage door.

Much of the issue was most likely caused from a lack of regular preventative maintenance. This causes the doors, springs, rollers and other various parts, to wear faster than normal.

With regular maintenance, you can prolong the life of all of these parts quite a bit so it is worth the small investment each year to avoid late night or early morning issues when you try and go to work.

Garage Door Spring Repair Austin Texas

Image showing Garage Door Spring Repair Austin TX - Before Shot

BEFORE- Garage Door Spring Repair

Image showing Garage Door Spring Repair Austin TX - After Shot

AFTER – A newly replaced garage door spring

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