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A home builder in Austin had a recently acquired foreclosed home that was in need of a Clopay garage door repair service call. The door had come off the rails and was stuck halfway down before the customer removed the door to make sure it didn’t get ruined.

There was a few problems that caused the issue and the biggest one was lack of maintenance being done by the previous homeowner. The rollers were trashed, the rails were loose and no longer straight and the garage door spring was also trashed. All of this helped to allow the door to come down incorrectly getting jammed at an angle.

They were lucky and the 16′ x 7′ Clopay door was not damaged too badly and we were able to get it back into to prime working condition.

We put in a new center mounted torsion garage door spring and adjusted it to perfection. We replaced the bad cables and all of the rollers. Most of the hinges were failing so we replaced them as well and gave this door a full tune-up.

We also aligned and reinforced the rails themselves as to make sure the door doesn’t slide out of place again. As you can see by the before and after pictures below it turned out really well especially considering the door was stacked in sections against the wall inside of the garage when we arrived.

Most of this repair could have been easily avoided by the former homeowner by having some simple maintenance done once a year to make sure everything was working properly before it becomes an issue. Waiting until you need to get a repair done can cost you!

If you are in Central Texas and in need of a garage door repair, installation or maintenance service call contact us now for a free estimate to see what it will cost you! You’ll be happy with our work and prices so call us today.

 Clopay Garage Door Repair Austin Texas – Before & After Pics

                          BEFORE                                                                  AFTER

Clopay Garage Door Repair in Austin Texas - Before Pic

Clopay Garage Door Repair in Austin Texas - After Pic

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