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Regal Series Metal Garage Doors with Wood Appearance

Image of Regal Series Metal Garage Door with look of wood

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Mid America’s Regal Series line of steel garage doors are beautiful. They’re the perfect option for those who want the appearance of wood garage doors but want the durability and strength you get from steel.

They are the traditional raised panel design that add a classic, yet striking flair to your home. Size Chart of the Regal Series Metal Garage Doors with wood lookThese doors are a great way to improve the curb appeal of your home by adding that wood look.

The chart to the right will help to determine the sizes of the door you will need for your home.

Don’t worry if you don’t know this upfront we can help you with finding out the correct information when you call us.

As for options the Regal Series Mid America Metal Garage Doors give you the choice of 6 great colors. Plus the ability to be painted to match any color trim.

Image showing Metal Garage Door Window Inserts OptionsThis gives you tons of customization options with these great steel doors. So either go with one of the 6: Standard White, Classic Cherry, Almond, Brown, Sahara and Sandstone or paint it. Pick whatever color your heart desires.

Besides colors you get many garage door window inserts options as well to allow you to customize it even further.

Just click the image to get a closer look at all of the option you have with these stunning doors. Adding decorative windows and inserts to your garage door can completely change the look. It also serves a function, to allow natural light into the garage.

Here are some of the standard you get with these fine doors:

  • Raised panel with a wood grain design
  • Galvanized, hot dipped 24 gauge steel
  • Commercial grade vinyl retainer which helps to add to the strength of the door
  • Thick Vinyl Weatherstripping along the bottom helps to keep out the elements
  • Either a inside slide lock or mechanical security cylinder lock
  • These metal garage doors are supported by a limited lifetime warranty against rust, cracking and splitting. (doesn’t apply to doors installed within 1000 meters of salt water) Mid America Doors Logo

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 Posted on : January 31, 2015

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