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Mid America SSI Commercial Garage Doors Series


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When looking for a sturdy, durable and insulated commercial garage doors series, Mid America has what you need with their SSI doors. Made with quality and functionality in mind for the commercial property owner.

SSI Commercial Garage Door Standards:

Made from roll-formed 25 gauge steel (SSI-25) or 24 gauge steel (SSI-24), these doors are sturdy and made to last regardless of which of the two models in this series that you choose for your commercial property.

The sections are put together with tongue and groove method to ensure that you get a good weatherproof seal between each of the sections.

Commercial garage doors series SSI-25

These commercial garage doors utilize either a 2″ or 3″ galvanized track system which will depend on the size of the doors.

The doors range in size from 8 to 16 feet high and 9 to 24 feet wide depending on your building’s needs. The number of sections for each door will vary by the size from 4 sections to a maximum of 8.

mountingInsulation for the SSI Series Commercial Garage Doors

Both models of doors in this series are insulated utilizing Polystyrene insulation. The calculated R-factor rating for these doors is 9.4.

The entire bottom rail is sealed tightly using a vinyl weatherstripping to help seal out the elements. Weatherstripping is also available for the full width of the jambs and the header itself.

This really makes these doors are great choice for property owners looking to improve the energy efficiency of their commercial property especially if the property is located in an area with severe weather in either summer or winter.

If you are in the Austin Texas or surrounding cities call us today for a free estimate of what it would cost to get the Mid America Commercial Garage Doors Series 24 or 25 doors installed on your building. We’re here to help you.

You can reach us at 512-563-9078, so call today to get started with your free estimate of the costs!






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 Posted on : August 15, 2016
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