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Mid America’s Residential Steel Carriage Style Garage Doors


Flyer cover for Mid America Doors - American Series Models 150 & 250

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Standard Specs -American Series 150/250 Carriage Style Garage Door

Image showing the standard specifications for both the 150 and 250 American series of Carriage Style Garage Doors These doors are made to last but they are also made to look great on any home bringing back that old school carriage style garage doors look.

Being hot dipped galvanized steel it can hold up to the elements especially being pre-painted. These great doors also have a bonded wood grain molding that is on a flush wood grain exterior.

The 150 Series has a vinyl back that covers the polystyrene interior layer and the 250 Series has flush white grained stucco interior over its’ polystyrene interior layer.

Depending on which model in the series you purchase, you’ll have either a commercial grade vinyl retainer with the 150 series and with the 250 it is heavy aluminum to make it even more heavy-duty!

Both models have a extra wide and thick vinyl weatherstrip that runs long the bottom to help to keep out the elements and improve energy efficiency.Image showing Standrd height chart for American Series Carriage Style Garage DoorsThe tracks, rollers and many of the other main parts are hot dipped galvanized steel to help these heavily used parts last as long as possible.

Mid America stands behind these garage doors with a limited lifetime warranty that covers splitting, rusting through since they are steel doors, and it also covers cracking.

These steel residential garage doors are available in all of the standard height and widths as seen in the chart above.

Optional Hardware Available for these Carriage Style Residential Garage Doors

Image showing the Available Hardware for the American Series Carriage Style Garage DoorsThere is some beautiful hardware for these elegant doors that really affords you a chance to make these doors your own by selecting the hardware you like the best.

With the carriage style garage doors, the hardware you select will make a big difference in appearance, more than you might realize even though they are small.

You have some other options outside of just selecting which hinges and what handles you want installed to get the look you like.

You can also choose to add windows!

Garage Door Window Options

Image showing Garage Door Window Options for American 150 & 250 Series Carriage Doors Here is another way for you to customize and get the exact look you want for your garage doors. Garage door windows!

You have nine incredible styles to select from so you are sure to find one that fits your design tastes.

Not only do these beautiful window options allow you to be creative with the look of your doors, they serve a great purpose.

They let in natural light! Now this may be a good thing or bad thing depending on where you live and what your weather is like each year.

But if more light is what you want or just to change up the look, you’ll love your garage door window options.

Single Door ModelsImage showing American Series 150/250 Residential Steel Garage Doors - Single Door Models

Don’t want the standard carriage style garage door look? Not a problem. Mid America has you covered with its’ single door models.

You have 6 great styles to select from so you can get all of the benefits of these incredible doors but achieve a different look than that of the normal Carriage Style Doors.

If you live in the Austin or surrounding areas call us today for a free estimate to see what it would cost to get these beautiful doors installed on your residential property.

Call us now at 512-563-9078!


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 Posted on : July 5, 2016
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