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Carriage Garage Doors by Mid America – CSL Series

Image showing the Mid America CSL Series Carriage House Garage Doors flyer cover page

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The CSL Series of decorative Carriage Garage Doors are designed for residential home’s and will serve to help your home to stand out from your neighbor’s with these stylish doors.

Pic showing the CSL Series Carriage Doors Sizing ChartThese doors are for the person that wants the beauty of a wood garage door but also wants the durability of 24 gauge galvanized steel.

The CSL Residential Series of Carriage House Garage Doors have the look of stained or painted wood. They come in standard white but the Vantage and Regal models can come in one of 4 colors: Standard White, Sahara, Sandstone and Almond.

The Celebrity models of steel Carriage Garage Doors comes in one of 4 colors: White, Brown, Almond and Sandstone. Best of all you can also paint them to match any color trim you would like!Picture showing the CSL Series Carriage Doors Window Insert Chart

Besides just color customization options you can really make these beautiful wood grain designed metal garage doors stand out even more. This can be done just by adding the beauty and functionality of window inserts.

There are 8 different main styles: Cascade, Cathedral, Ruston, Stockton, Stockton Arch, Sherwood, Traditional Arch Long and Traditional Long.

If you check out the chart to the right you can see examples of each style. This way you can better decide if one of these decorative window inserts is right for your new garage door.

All the window inserts afford you another customization option. That is whether to choose 2 or 4 panel windows to allow you to really make these doors your own. Your selections here on the decorative options can make all the difference.

So as you can see with all of these upgrades to the carriage style doors in the Mid America CSL series you can really make your home standout. Avoid that cookie cutter look that plain garage doors can have on some homes.

Image showing the CSL Series Carriage Garage Doors Hardware ChartBut your selection choices don’t end there! Mid America also provides you with the opportunity to select from some elegant hardware options.

You can select your hinge and handle options shown in the chart to the left. As the chart shows your hinge choices number at 5.

Choose a Carriage Handle, Hammered Iron or even a standard Steel Handle.

All of the carriage garage door hardware is prominent on the doors even with the darker color paints and it really adds to the character of the door.

When you couple this hardware with the wood door look that the CSL series has, it really makes these doors something to see.

Image showing the Carriage Garage Doors - CSL SeriesThe Regal and Celebrity styles of the CSL Series Carriage Garage Doors have a commercial grade vinyl retainer and the Vantage uses an aluminum bottom retainer. The retainer runs along the entire bottom of the door to keep them weather sealed and keep out as much of the element as possible.

These doors are also insulated for energy efficiency with a polystyrene insulation covered with a heavy-duty white vinyl backing. It adds even more protection not to mention beauty to these doors.

Image of CSL Series Carriage Doors Logo

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