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Smart Trim Custom Wood Doors


Image showing a pair of Custom Wooden Garage Doors before staining

Custom Wooden Doors without wood stain

For those of you that are looking to set your home apart from all of your neighbor’s houses, going with a beautiful custom designed garage door from Smart Trim might be exactly what you need!

Smart Trim Custom Wood Door Designs - 1With a 96 standard design options to choose from as well as the ability to go completely customized and make your doors fit your personality you are sure to be able to make your home stand out.

We have partnered with the Smart Trim brand to bring you the best garage doors on the market so that you not only get a great price but also top of the line quality.

Not only is replacing your garage doors a great idea to spruce up your home for you and your family not to mention your street, it is also a smart home improvement project for those thinking of selling their home.

According to the folks over at, replacing your home’s garage doorSmart Trim Custom Wood Door Designs - 2 can return up to 88% of your initial investment to get the door purchased and installed. This means not only should it help your home sell faster it should also sell for more money allowing you to recoup up to 88% of what you had to shell out. There are very few other home improvement projects that you could do that will give you a better return on investment.

The reason for this? It is simple. Your garage doors are the largest doors on your house and can take up a good chunk of the front of your home for garages that are front and center. Think about it. Walk out to the curb and see what catches your eyes first.

Generally it will be the garage doors because they are so prominent and we all know that “curb appeal” really does matter. I know when I look for a new home I won’t
even bother going inside if I don’t like the way it looks from the street. You’ll find that most people are the same way.

Smart Trim Custom Wood Door Designs - 3So if you want to just spruce up the look of your family’s home or you want to up the value and curb appeal then going with one of our beautiful, custom designed wood garage doors is the right choice for you!

If you are in the Austin or any of the surrounding areas, call us today for a free estimate and let us show you just how affordable it is to replace your current doors with one of our incredible custom doors.

You can see the 100 standard design options on this page but remember you can always come up with your own design as well so you aren’t stuck with using any of the standard designs and can make this a truly custom wood garage door!

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 Posted on : November 4, 2015

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