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Insulated Steel Sandwich Door CHI Model 3206


Image showing CHI's Commercial Model 3206 Insulated Steel Sandwich Door

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Insulated Commercial Sectional Door

CHI Overhead Doors has a great model of sectional Insulated Steel Sandwich Door that are sure to update the look and feel of any commercial property.

The term “sandwich door” refers to a sectional door that is made up of layers instead of just being one piece of metal. With these types of doors you have 3 layers: Metal front layer, an Insulation Layer and Metal Backing Layer.

This formation helps to add strength and durability to these doors helping them to last longer and out perform the competition!

These doors as I mentioned, are still sectional doors which means unlike roll up garage doors or one-piece doors, sectional doors have sections that fold to an extent to allow the door to be easily raised along a track system. These doors either are raised straight up if the building will allow that type of installation, if not you have the overhead option.

That is where the door bends along the track which then brings the door to rest overhead. This configuration is perfect when there is not enough clearance above the door to accommodate the entire door. Just like what happens with most residential types of garage doors.

Deciding the best way to mount these doors is not something you should under-take yourself without the assistance of a trained specialist due to the number of unforeseen issues that can arise during the installation process and this will vary from location to location.

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CHI Model 3206 Insulation Standards

These insulated sandwich doors are designed using a Foamed in place CFC-free polyurethane core produced by DOW that is placed or sandwiched between the two 28 gauge steel skin layers making for a very well-made and durable door.

The R-value provided by these incredible doors is a whopping 13.68. So if you are looking to help lower your energy costs and improve the efficiency of your commercial facility, these doors are a great option for you to consider.

These will not only potentially help with lowering your energy costs, because of the configuration, they are much stronger than the standard doors. This makes these insulated sandwich doors a great option for a number of commercial property types.

Insulated Steel Sandwich Door Installation Options

Image showing the Insulation layout for the CHI Model 3206 Insulated Steel Sandwich DoorsThe tracks used for the installation of these commercial doors are 2” or 3” as specified by your installation technician. The track systems are available in a number of configurations to allow for maximum versatility to accommodate a number of differing property layouts.

The mount types are as follows: bracket mount, angle mount, clip angle mount, 12” radius, 15” radius, high lift, vertical lift, roof pitch, or dual track low headroom.

Again this is something you will want to get right the first time so it is best to have a highly trained professional installer assist you in getting the right components to allow for the best installation process possible. Incorrect installation can lead to a number of issues down the line and can easily be avoided by calling or texting us today for help – 512-563-9078.

Image showing CHI Model 3206 Insulated Steel Sandwich door Window inserts design optionsCommercial Garage Door Window Inserts

The ability to add window inserts to these commercial doors is another great reason to select sectional over roll up doors.

You have the option to add in window inserts to allow in natural light and allow for viewing your dock or other areas on the other side of the door.

This can be useful in a number of commercial situations depending on your needs.

Again as we already mentioned, we can make this easy on you. Why struggle with getting exactly what you need and hoping you are right? Just call or text us today for help. We will help you select the correct door for your needs and then we will give you a free, no obligation estimate so you know the costs.

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