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Industrial Duty Rolling Steel Garage Doors Series 6000 by CHI Overhead Doors

CHI Overhead Doors Commercial Series 6000 Rolling Steel Garage Doors

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CHI Overhead Doors 6000 Series Non-Insulated Commercial Doors

These rolling doors are designed for the maximum strength and durability needed for commercial uses where insulation is not needed or desired. These service doors are manufactured to stringent code standards. This Series is an industrial product built with pride by CHI Overhead Doors which is one of the most trusted names in the commercial doors business.

With a wide variety of slat profiles, steel gauges, and of course, color options, you are sure to find what you need for your situation. If you are in Texas, contact us and we can help you get what you need without all of the hassle. Call and let us make it easy for you call 512-563-9078 serving commercial customers all over the great state of Texas!

There are nine different models in this 6000 series of CHI Overhead doors so you need to know whether you need flat or curved slats, the gauge of the steel you need, the type of bottom bar, hood, guides. operation type and so much more. This is why it is best to just call us and let us save you the hassle.

SPECIFICATIONS & OPTIONS: 6000 Series Rolling Steel Garage Doors

COLORS: Talk about options, you have palette of 188 different colors from which to select the powder coating that fits your building’s decor the best.

CURTAIN: This is the main part of these industrial service doors. You have many options to choose from here including slat type: Flat, Curved, Flat perforated slat, Flat fenestrated slat. This includes the gauge of the metal used for the slats: 16-24 gauge. You also get to select the type of metal used: Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Galvanized.

BOTTOM BAR: For this section you get to choose the gauge and the thickness of the bottom bar.

HOOD: This is the part that covers the rolled up curtain section which helps to protect it as well as making it aesthetically pleasing. You can choose from 24 gauge Stainless Steel, 18 gauge Aluminum or 24 gauge galvanized.

GUIDES: Fabricated from 3 structural steel angles that are bolted together to form a guide channel. The guide angles include curtain stops and flared guides as well.

OPERATION: You can decide what operation type you want: manual push up, chain hoist or motorized.

DIMENSIONS: The width varies from 12′ to 30′ and the height varies from 14’4″ to 28′ depending on the model you choose.

LOCKING: Manual push-up doors come furnished with interior slide-bolt locks with padlock provision. Chain-hoist operated doors come equipped with a chain-hoist keeper that is suitable for pad-locking. Optional bottom bar cylinder locking is also available.

WARRANTY: Manufacturer’s standard 5-year from date of plant shipment against defects in materials or workmanship. Model 6241 service doors are warranted for one year. Spring wire is warranted for one year. C.H.I.’s obligations are strictly limited to repair or replacement of defective parts and components during the warranty period.

Mounting Options for Series 6000 Rolling Service Doors

You have a couple of different mounting options from which to select. This is not something you want to guess at and is another reason to call a professional and let them help tell you what type of door and options you need.

This is why we started offering our Concierge service for commercial customers. Just call us and let us help you get the right door. We’ll even give you a great quote but you are not obligated to use our services. Either way let us help you!

Call today 512-563-9078 or contact us, serving commercial customers all over Texas.

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