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MLB Team Logo Decorative Garage Doors by CHI Overhead Doors

CHI Decorative Garage Doors - MLB Accents Series Flyer cover Page

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CHI Overhead Doors have partnered with Major League Baseball and their teams to bring you one of the best gift ideas out there for the baseball fanatic in your life! Designer Garage doors decorated with your loved ones favorite teams logo so they can really enjoy their garage area. Forget posters or stickers, do it the right way!

Picture showing CHI Overhead Doors - MLB Accents Series Design 1

MLB LOGO Design Style 1

Picture showing CHI Overhead Doors - MLB Accents Series Design 2

MLB Logo Design Style 2

Now don’t panic! Your HOA is not going to be filing a suit against you because of this CHI Overhead decorative garage doors series. Why? Because it isn’t on the outside of the door where it can cause you issues, it is instead on the inside so only you and those you allow to can enjoy it.

Picture showing CHI Overhead Doors - MLB Accents Series Design 3

MLB Logo Design Style 3

This truly is the perfect gift because they will get to enjoy it for years and years to come. With the three different design style choices you are sure to be able to get the perfect one for you home.

Picture showing example of CHI Overhead - MLB Accents Decorative Garage Door SeriesGet your baseball fan something most if not all of their friends do not have, a designer garage door which proudly shows the logo of their favorite MLB team!

This is something that even hard to buy for people will enjoy if they are true professional baseball fans.

Jump on this unique opportunity and get this for someone you love, which includes you if you are the fan!

Don’t waste money on lame team schwag when you can get something none of your friends have and will last you for many years. You’ll be thrilled with the quality of the logos and the CHI Overhead Garage Doors as well.

If you are in the Central Texas area and would like pricing on the the CHI Accents MLB decorative garage door series then just give us a call for a free estimate of the cost!

CHI Logo - MLB Accents

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