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CHI Overhead Doors Models 3250, 3240 & 3220


CHI Model 3250 Commercial Ribbed Steel Garage Door

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About the 3250 Commercial Series Ribbed Steel Doors

CHI 3250 series commercial garage door specs The 3250, 3240 and 3220 series of Commercial Steel Doors are brought to you by CHI Overhead Doors, one of the most trusted names in the business! You can rest assured that if you go with CHI you are going to get quality workmanship.

These ribbed steel doors are available in a couple of thickness gauges so you can get what is right for your commercial building. You can choose either 20 gauge, 24 gauge or 25 gauge.

The steel sections are 2 inches thick and are galvanized to make them even stronger with a polyester finish!

All of the section joints are tongue and groove so you get a perfect fit which will help this door last with added strength.

The inside backing of these ribbed steel commercial doors are available with insulation that is polystyrene with a high impact vinyl or 27 gauge steel back cover. The R factor of an insulated version of the doors is 8.0.

Color Schemes Available for the 3250 commercial doors

These doors are available in 4 great colors choices:

Either white, Sandstone, Gray or Brown! Make sure you meet with your garage door installation specialist to see samples of the available colors to be sure you get what you want the first time.

Be aware that the color choice will vary depending on the gauge doors you select as mentioned above.

20 gauge doors are only available in white. 24 gauge steel doors are available in all four colors and 25 gauge is also only available in white.

Be sure to keep this in mind if you have your heart set on a certain color for the Commercial Series Ribbed Steel Doors. Also be sure to speak to your installation specialists to see all available remedies.

Garage Door Window Options for CHI 3250 Ribbed Steel DoorsCommercial Series Ribbed Steel Doors

You have 4 incredible design options if you are looking for the benefits of windows in your commercial garage doors.

As you can in the picture to the right the window choices vary in sizes from 24 inches by 6 inch to full view garage door windows.

Having windows on your commercial garage doors may be a good solution if you are looking to allow natural light in as well as being able to see out of the doors.

If this is not needed you may want to forgo the windows for the added security.

It all really depends on the needs of your commercial building.

If you aren’t sure what you should get we can help you pick the right options for your situation.

Call us today if you are in the Austin or surrounding areas for a free estimate of what it would cost to get these Commercial Series Ribbed Steel Doors installed on your building.

Call us today at 512-563-9078!

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 Posted on : April 9, 2016
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