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Wood garage doors – Austin Texas


This image shows the before shot for a wooden garage door replacement job we did in Austin

BEFORE – Old Wooden Garage Doors

We recently had a call from a customer in Austin Texas that wanted to update their home’s three garage doors in order to spruce up the front of their lovely home.

Before picture showing us removing the old wood garage doors in Austin

BEFORE – Shot of us removing the old doors

As you can see by the picture to the left, the old doors were also wood but they were a bit worn and weathered so the owner wanted new doors so they would not need to worry about them again for quite some time other than normal preventative maintenance.

They really liked the previous style and basic color scheme that they used to have so we installed a new custom wood garage door on all three bays of their home’s garage.

Right after the installation you can see the beautiful wood grains shown in the pictures below, this of course was just prior to us staining the wood for the customer as requested. They wanted a color close to the one they had originally and we of course, delivered.

After the new doors were installed..

After shot showing the new wood garage doors before staining in Austin TX

After shot showing the new wood garage doors in Austin before we stained it

After we stained the new wood garage doors for the customer…

After shot showing the new wood garage doors after staining - Austin TX

After shot showing the 3 new wooden garage doors after staining them - Austin TX

After we finished staining the doors to the customer’s desired color, you can see by the photos above that the end product turned out really nice!

We can install wood garage doors according to a standard industry pattern or we can do custom garage doors installations as well where you can get a bit creative. This lets you make the front of your home stand out from the crowd and reflect more of your style.

If you are in the Austin or surrounding cities, call us today for a free estimate so you can see just how easy and affordable it is to update the front of your home!

Call us today at 512-563-9078 and we’ll show you how we can help you update the look of the front of your home with a beautiful new wood door for your home’s garage.

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 Posted on : October 12, 2015
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