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We had a customer that had a set of old wooden 8′ x 7′ garage doors that they wanted to replace with upgraded doors to update the look of the front of their home.  These are the before and after shots from the Garage Door Replacement in Austin TX.

Your garage door is the largest door on your house and if in front of the home, can take up quite a bit of the space. So one really great way to spruce up the front of your home is by replacing your Garage Doors Austin as you can see in the pictures below. It really can make a big difference in appearances.

Garage Door Replacement Austin – Before and After:

As you can see in the before picture the customer’s old set of 8 x 7 wood doors with windows had one window that was completely broken and covered up and the doors themselves were worn and in need of more care than the customer wanted to put out on these old wooden doors.

We came in and replaced the old doors with this beautiful set of brand new White colored 8 x 7 Mid America Raised Panel Garage Doors. The contrast of the white doors against the trim and stone colors of the home really makes it pop.

If you live in the Austin Texas or surrounding cities and are in need of having your garage doors replaced or repaired, call us now for a free estimate of what it will cost you to get a new door installed by us today!

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                     BEFORE                                                                             AFTER

Image shows the  Before Picture from a Garage Door Replacement in Austin

Before – Old 8’x7′ Wooden Garage doors

After Pic of new Mid America Garage Doors Installed in Austin

After – New 8’x7′ Mid America Doors

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 Posted on : April 25, 2015

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