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Garage Door Repair Service:

We had a customer in Austin Texas that needed their 16×7 garage door replaced because it was damaged badly. We also replaced their broken garage door opener and springs during this garage door repair service call.

                       BEFORE US                                                    AFTER US

Garage Door Repair Service - Image showing the before pic- a damaged Wayne Dalton Garage Door in AustinImage showing the After picture - Almond Colored 16x7 CHI Overhead Door Austin Texas


The Wayne Dalton Garage Door that had been installed for a long time had begun to crack badly although it was less obvious from the outside at a distance.

Image showing the Damaged Wayne Dalton Garage Door Austin TXIt got to the point it was no longer safe to operate the door and it actually caused more damage so this repair became larger as a result.

From the picture on the left you can see how badly the doors was cracked alongside the hinges. Many parts of the sectional garage door were damaged.

It wasn’t cost efficient to repair a garage door this badly broken. You can get a new one for close to the same price as replacing broken panels when there is so many them damaged.

As you can see by the pictures, we swapped out that old damaged Wayne Dalton Door with a beautiful new Almond colored CHI Overhead Garage Door. It turned out really well and looks great!

 Garage Door Opener Installation:

Garage door opener repair service - image showing Before shot of a Broken down garage door opener in Austin TX

Image showing newly installed LiftMaster 8550 garage door opener Austin Texas

                         BEFORE                                                   AFTER

Besides having the damaged garage door, this customer in Austin Texas also had their garage door opener damaged.LiftMaster Internet Gateway 828 LM They decided to go with one of the best garage door openers on the market, the LiftMaster 8550 Elite Series Belt Drive Garage Door Opener!

LiftMaster Garage door Openers are one of the best names in the business and this 8550 series is extremely popular due to its’ quality, price and features!

This customer decided to go with the added LiftMaster Internet Gateway which allows for the garage door opener’s functions to be controlled remotely by your smartphone, iPad, tablet or PC.

Garage Door Torsion Spring Installation:

After us- Torsion garage door springs center mountedNow just like you are advised to replace your water pump when you get your timing belt replaced. You also want to swap out your garage door torsion springs whenever you get a new garage door installed.

It is just a safe practice to help ensure your brand new door doesn’t get ruined by a broken garage door spring or even worse someone or something you care about being hurt.

So it is better safe than sorry when it comes to your garage door springs since garage doors are heavier than most people realize especially wooden or steel 16′ x 7′ doors.

Preventative Maintenance:

image showing  the damaged Center rail componetOne of the best ways to avoid costly garage door repair service calls is through preventative maintenance being done at least once per year at a minimum. As of today, 4/8/2015, we have a coupon that will save you money so checkout our coupons page to see if there is one active when you see this post.

If you let things go on unattended the damage just gets worse and worse. Like you can see by the picture to the right and the rest of the pictures on this page that there was more than just a garage door repair issue here and most of it was caused by the door not being maintained.

Call us today for a free estimate if you are in the Austin Texas or surrounding areas. Let us help you keep your garage door working properly!

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