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We recently performed a garage door repair Manor TX was where the garage was located. The door got stuck about 1/4 of the way up off of the ground at a pretty good angle.

This repair occurred because one of the two cables that are required for the torsion springs to help to raise and lower the garage door came loose from the cable drum it is wrapped around.

Once the steel counterbalance cables was no longer allowing the springs to do their job it caused the door to raise only on the one side making it get stuck in that position.

We came out and did the garage door repair by fixing and adjusting the steel counterbalance cables. But another cause of this problem besides the cables being out of adjustment. Thus allowing one of them to come loose from the drum, was the garage torsion springs themselves.

The garage door torsion springs assist in lifting and closing the door, and when I say assist I mean it does most of the work for you! Garage doors are far heavier than most people realize and this is true for both wood garage doors and steel garage doors as well. The weight of the door can be anywhere from around 100-400 lbs depending on size and materials.

So we also properly adjusted the torsion garage springs to make sure everything was back to proper working order. Luckily the client did not wait any longer than they did to call us because the door itself could have easily been damaged making the garage door repair much more costly.

These types of issues with garage doors are common but they can be easily avoided by having regular preventative maintenance performed on your doors each and every year.

Much like any other part or your home, if you do not maintain it you will have issues eventually it is just a matter of time. Don’t wait until your overhead garage door is close to falling off of the tracks or about to get stuck at an angle. Keep up with the maintenance!

If you live in Manor, Austin or any of its’ surrounding areas in our service area and need garage door repairs done, call us today for a no obligation, free estimate of repair costs before we come out.

Garage Door Repair Manor TX – Before & After Shots

Image shows the before picture prior to the garage door repair Manor TX
16 x 7 Garage door Repair Manor TX – Before Us
After picture of a garage door repair in Manor TX
After us – Repaired Garage Door Manor Texas

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 Posted on : February 20, 2015

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