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An easy home improvement project that you can do for those who don’t already have one is to get a garage door opener installed. It doesn’t cost a lot of money and not having to manually open and close the garage door is nice.

We recently just helped a customer in Manor Texas with this exact issue. He had no opener installed and finally got tired of working the door manually so he called us for help.

You have a ton of options and brands to choose from when it comes to door openers. Our customer decided to go with a LiftMaster 3265 Premium Series Chain Drive Garage door opener.

Garage Door Opener Installation – Before & After Shots


                           BEFORE                                                AFTER

Home improvement before pic of garage w/no door opener installed in Manor Texas

Home Improvement after pic of mounted garage door opener in Manor Texas

This particular opener model comes with built-in security and safety features that make this model shine when compared to the pricing.

It uses a rolling security code to help be sure no one else can access your garage without using one of your remotes. The 3265 also has what is termed as Posilock, which means it helps to prevent the garage door from being forced open after it has been closed.

Like most newer model garage door openers this unit has a safety release handle in case of a power outage so you can still manually open and close the door during the outage.

As you can see by the close up picture that this unit has a bright 200 watt light built-in and it also has an adjustable light timer delay so you can choose what is best for you.

Home Improvement after pic of Liftmaster garage opener in Manor TexasThis unit is also termed as a smart unit meaning you can program the security codes electronically from either the Multi-Function Control Panel or power-head itself.

Another great things about LiftMaster is that stand behind their products with a lifetime motor and a 1 year parts warranty so you know you are buying a quality product.

If you want an easy and affordable home improvement project that will help to make your life easier and raise the value of your home as well then consider either installing or if you already have one installed, upgrading your home’s garage door opener.

Call us for a no cost or obligation estimate to see what we can do to help you with your garage door needs!

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 Posted on : January 14, 2015
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