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One of our customers in Taylor Texas had an old and damaged white Clopay Garage door that they needed to get replaced after a few panels were severely dented.

They decided to go with a really nice white Mid America Door that had raised panels so we took care of it for them. As you can see the installation turned out nice and the front of their home got a little face-lift.

You probably noticed there is no garage door handle on the new door like there is with the old one and there is a very good reason for that…security. With modern garage doors most people opt to get a garage door opener installed instead of manually opening and closing the door.

For that reason, there is no need for the handles to be on the outside of the door. Should you lose your remote you can use a keypad if you had one installed or just go inside and hit the button. Keeping the hardware on the outside of the door is only useful if you decide not to go with an austomatic garage door opener .

Anything you can do to help secure your garage and keep them from not only stealing from inside your garage but also from having easy access to the inside of your home as well. Check out this article we posted showing some other ways you can secure your garage doors.


                         BEFORE                                                          AFTER

Before pic of a damaged 9x7 white clopay door in Taylor

After pic of a 9x7 mid-america garage door in Taylor

            Old Clopay Garage Door                             New Mid America Garage Door

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 Posted on : December 17, 2014
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