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This is the before and after shots of a garage door spring repair we did for one of our Austin Texas customers. They had more than one issue with their garage door but we took care of it for them.

They had a broken ceiling bracket on one side, on the other side they had a broken cable and the extension spring was off making the act of opening or closing the door a dangerous thing considering how heavy garage doors are even if they are metal.

We replaced all the broken parts and checked everything out to make sure there were no other issues. By the time we were done the garage door was working great!

If you want your garage door and its’ parts checked out to make sure you don’t have an issue waiting to happen, contact us and we can help you. Don’t wait until the door is broken or even worse hurts someone before you have it checked out by a professional.

                     BEFORE                                         BEFORE


Picture of a Broken Extension Garage Door Spring Repair

Pic of Broken Garage Door Spring Cable Repair

                            AFTER                                                      AFTER

Pic of a Repaired Extension Garage Door Bracket

Picture of Repaired Extension Garage Door Spring Cable

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 Posted on : November 21, 2014
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