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A Customer in Austin Texas had a pair of old and worn out Overhead Brand Garage Doors with the old Extension Spring setup. He wanted to get rid of the old doors and upgrade them and the springs while he was at it.

We came out and removed the old doors and replaced them with a pair of really nice Almond Colored CHI Brand Overhead doors and also upgraded the garage door springs to a torsion type which are much safer.

As you can see by the pictures it makes a good difference to the front of this lovely home and on the inside pics you can see the difference between the torsion and extension types of garage door springs.

It isn’t hard to see by the pictures why the torsion springs are much safer than their extension spring counterparts. If you have extension springs installed right now and want to upgrade them let us know and we can give you a free, no obligation estimate on the cost of the upgrade.

                            BEFORE                                                                   AFTER


Before-two 9x7 Overhead Door with Extension Springs

After-New Torsion Garage Door Springs




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 Posted on : October 29, 2014
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