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We recently completed a custom wood garage door installation for one of our customers in Austin Texas.  This is a brand new construction home and as you can see in the pictures below it turned out really nice.

A really great way to add to the curb appeal of your home is by having a new garage door installed. This can hold especially true for one of a kind custom garage doors so this customer made a great choice for their new home!

Custom Wood Garage Door Installation Austin TX

As you can see, the customized wooden garage doors we created and installed will help this new house stand out from the neighbors which can really help with the home’s perceived value.

In fact, according to Remodeling magazine –

Within the 102 markets surveyed in the 2015 report, 269 of the 3,672 total projects—that’s 7.3%—had payoffs topping 100%. The steel entry door job was most common, recouping all its costs and more in 43 markets. Following that were midrange garage door replacements, which topped 100% in 28 markets, manufactured stone veneer jobs (27), upscale garage-door replacements (17), midrange wood window replacements (16), and minor kitchen remodels (15).

All told, 26 of the 36 projects could claim a cost-value ratio topping 100% in at least one market. More often than not, that market was San Francisco, where the average payback for all projects was 100.3%. Honolulu was the second-best bang-for-the-buck market at 94.6%. Then came San Jose, Calif., at 87.1%; Riverside, Calif., 84.1%; Sarasota, Fla., 80.7%; Austin, Texas, 78.6%; and New Orleans 77.6%. – Read more at

Like the numbers show, as far as home improvement ideas go, other than the entry door the best thing you can do for your home that will get you back all or most of your investment is getting a new garage door installed.

If you live in the Austin or surrounding areas and want to improve the look of your home call us for a free estimate of what it would cost for you to get your own custom wood garage doors installed by us! Call 512-563-9078


                     BEFORE                                                                                    AFTER

Before pic of new home with no garage doors installed yet

New construction home with no garage doors

After shot of a Custom Wood Garage Door Installation Austin TX

Two Beautiful 8′ x 7′ Custom Wood Garage Doors



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