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Garage Spring Repair Austin TX


We recently had a commercial customer in South Austin Texas that had issues with their workshop’s garage bay doors so they called us for help.

Once we arrived we quickly realized the issue was that the torsion door spring and the shaft we broken and keeping the door from operating properly.

The best practice when replacing one garage spring on a two torsion spring system is to replace both of them so you aren’t forced to have the second one replaced in the near future resulting in another service call. This is especially true with commercial garage doors because of the added weight from the additional height of those types of doors.

After we finished replacing the broken garage door springs and the shaft we went ahead and adjusted everything to the proper tension. From there we tuned-up the door to make sure there were no other issues down the line. By the time we were finished we had a perfectly working door and a happy customer!


               BEFORE US                                                      AFTER US


Image showing the before shot from a Commercial Garage Door Spring Replacement Austin Texas

Picture showing the newly replaced Commercial Garage Door Spring in Austin Texas


If you have a commercial building with bay garage doors of all types then call us for any garage door service needs you may have from your opener to maintenance.

One of the best ways to avoid the more costly repairs not to mention the downtime cost to your company having a bay door down, is by having them maintained on a regular basis. Commercial overhead doors are very heavy and generally used very often leading to more wear and tear than normal so they should be maintained more often as well.

Call us today and we can give you a free, no obligation estimate on what it would cost to get preventative maintenance done on your doors and that also goes for new installs and garage door and opener repairs. If you are in the Austin area we can help you with your commercial bay door needs. Call us today 512-563-9078!

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 Posted on : March 13, 2015
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