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Clopay Garage Door Replacement – Georgetown TX

We recently performed a garage door replacement that included the torsion springs in Georgetown Texas. A customer of ours had a severely damaged 16′ x 7′ Clopay Door that we removed and replaced with a beautiful CHI Overhead door. You can see the before and after shots below to see how well it turned out.

The Clopay garage door was worn and damaged so bad that it had cracks that went all of the way through the door panels. It is visible by checking out the before shot below that we took from inside of the garage. You can actually see sunlight coming through the door in multiple places.

On top of that it was missing one of the garage door torsion springs putting all the weight of the door on the one remaining spring which can be dangerous.

The springs are what keep the 100+ pounds of the weight of the door from slamming down on you, a loved one or your property when it is lowering. They also help to make the garage door feel much lighter than it really is and it makes it easy to lift the door manually.

Had the door not been replaced it would have eventually cracked further and come all the way apart, not to mention if that last spring broke when that heavy door was lowering.

Now they have nothing to worry about because we installed a really nice looking Almond colored CHI Overhead Single Garage Door that was 16′ by 7′ and has raised short panels.

Besides replacing the garage door we also installed and adjusted the 2 new center mounted torsion springs to make sure they door would safely raise and lower.

For safety reasons it is recommended to have your garage doors maintained at least once a year to avoid potential safety hazards like cracks in your door or missing and maladjusted springs. Remember your garage door is the heaviest one on the house so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Also if you look at the pictures below you can see how much a difference the new CHI Overhead door made to the front of this home. It really spruces it up and compared to other home improvement options getting this done is an easy decision to make.

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BEFORE – Broken 16 x 7 Clopay Door & Missing Torsion Spring


Before shot of the damaged clopay garage door in Georgetown TX

Before pic of missing torsion garage spring in Georgetown Texas


AFTER – 16 x 7 Almond CHI Overhead Door & 2 New Garage Door Torsion Springs


After shot of the new chi overhead door in Georgetown Texas

after pic of the center mounted torsion garage door springs Georgetown TX

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