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This is another set of before and after pictures of our service work. It shows a broken Torsion Garage Doors Spring that a customer of ours from Austin had before we arrived to swap it out with a new torsion spring and then adjusting it until it was set at its’ optimal tension.

You can really see by these pictures just how much tension there is involved with these type of garage door springs. The broken one looks much larger than the new one after it was tightened properly.

The tension on the torsion spring is what helps to easily raise and lower the door even though the door weighs from 100-300+ pounds. One way to avoid the need to replace your springs is to maintain them properly by having them serviced by a skilled technician like we have here at PSR Garage Doors.

                   BEFORE                                            AFTER

Before-a broken tension spring austin

after - a new garage door tension spring

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 Posted on : November 2, 2014
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