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Often it is easy to forget that because of the torsion door springs it makes it seem like your garage door isn’t heavy and dangerous, but it is in fact very dangerous when something goes wrong.

We had a customer in Austin Texas call after his extremely heavy wood garage door came off of the tracks and was beyond a mere home repair where you could just put it back on the tracks.

When it came off the tracks the door became damaged, as you can see in the picture with the pile of debris, and at that point it was just safer for the customer to just remove the ruined garage door until the professionals could get out here and help by performing a new garage door installation.

He called us and we came out and installed a beautiful 8′ x 7′ Almond colored CHI Overhead Garage Door onto their home and it came out really nice. This model of door has 2 windows to help allow in light as well as to dress up the door itself.

If you start to notice issues on your garage door it is recommended to address those issues as quickly as possible to avoid total failures which can become very hazardous and costly.

If you are in the central Texas area and want to either improve your home or just get your garage door repaired be sure you call us for help. We offer a no obligation or cost estimate so there won’t be any sticker shock when you get the work done by us.


CHI Overhead Garage Door Installation – Before & After


BEFORE US – A Completely trashed door

A completely destroyed wood Garage Door that had come off of the tracks and needed to be removed for safety

Before pic of a 8x7 one car garage with no door installed


AFTER US – Beautiful new 8×7 CHI Overhead Door

After pic of a CHI Overhead Garage Door Installation in Austin

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 Posted on : January 10, 2015
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